California Environmental Reporting System: Business


This listing shows scheduled and proposed enhancements to CERS2, as well as comments on the proposed enhancement from other CERS users. Enhancement requests can originate from many sources, including Cal/EPA, the California CUPA Forum and its applicable TAGs and workgroups, the CERS Business User Group, and individual CERS users.
Cal/EPA Technology Services staff maintains this list, and may combine multiple enhancement requests/comments into a single enhancement/comment, modify language, or implement simple/non-controversial requests directly into CERS. Due to resource constraints, Cal/EPA is not currently actively seeking enhancement suggestions. Enhancement suggetions can be sent via email to CERS Technical Support ( with the subject line "CERS Enhancement." Please provide details about your suggested enhancement, i.e, why is it needed, which portal, URL, how many CERS users would benefit from the change, legal mandates, etc.)

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